Photography Galleries

Explore multiple online galleries that showcase photography by young people across the United States, the striking results of Unshuttered’s robust partnerships.

Our theme for the third year of Unshuttered was inspired by the phrase, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” featured in the United States’ Declaration of Independence. We worked with multiple partners to provoke young photographers locally and nationally to capture what they are In Pursuit of _____. We urged participants to consider, inspire, and share ideas about compelling issues and to explore diverse voices to prompt social action through the medium of photography.

In a world transformed by COVID-19, along with demands for social justice, the In Pursuit of _____ program provided multiple platforms for young photographers to reflect on their own lives, consider today’s opportunities to respond to social injustice, and use their unique artistic expression to encourage a better, more equitable world. We collaborated with the following partners to develop unique tools for artistic growth and platforms to amplify the voices of participating artists: