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Reconnecting with

Unshuttered is many things: first and foremost, it is a photograph-based initiative that provides a platform for learning, sharing, and other opportunities for and among teens, young people, and teachers across the country. Since its inception Unshuttered offers: a photography intensive program for teens, an app for submitting photographs, a nationwide contest for original photographs from young artists, lesson plan resources for high school educators, and exhibitions at the Getty Museum and online.

What are you reconnecting with?

As we continue to navigate the ongoing, shifting challenges of this pandemic, Getty Unshuttered and partner Amplifier invite teens to share photographs as they reflect on and develop new ways of connecting.

What or who are you Reconnecting with ? There are countless possibilities: for example, with yourself, your communities, relationships, nature, time, values, creativity, curiosity.

A photography Open Call launches February 2022. Watch this space for more information.

Amplifier is a nonprofit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times.

Designed to inspire creativity and promote social good

Getty Unshuttered provides a free photo sharing app from the Getty Museum. It’s a positive community for teens to share their passion for photography and social justice advocacy; a place to inspire each other and grow as artists.

For educators, Unshuttered provides lesson plans and digital resources designed for high school teachers to inspire their students to explore the medium and its social impact.

Young man hugging family member as father looks on. 'Kingdom Come', Jeremy Davis.
Kingdom Come, 2019, Jeremy Davis

A museum made a photo sharing app?

We believe everyone is an artist and should have a place to gather, share, and learn. Other apps are not designed specifically for young artists. Unshuttered is different. It’s supportive and free. Like and follow other photographers to help them grow, too. Get inspired. Build and share your own portfolio.

Images projected onto the Getty Center, 2018 Unshuttered Live Event
Unshuttered live event at the Getty Museum, Los Angeles

More art = better world

Who or what are you Reconnecting with? Snap it. Share it. Energize others to act. Let’s continue a cycle of inspiration.

We have featured hundreds of Getty Unshuttered artists at the Getty Museum over the years and we're looking to reconnect with you all in 2022! We can’t wait to see what you create. Download the app and join our community.