Perspective Challenge Tips

Seeing the world from different perspectives opens your mind. A unique angle helps your images stand out. Here are some tips to help you create surprise, depth and emotional connection in your photos.

“Think about your perspective and how it can be used to tell your unique story.”


Point of View

Move around a subject to try-out different angles. Shoot from different heights and distances. The camera’s perspective changes the emotional relationship with your subject. Do you want to create empathy with your subject? Come in close. Make them feel distant and remote? Find a way to get further back and position the subject in the far corner of the frame.

Photograph by @Linsey

Take the Worm’s Eye View

Get down low! Focus on the foreground of your picture. From this perspective, the height of your subject can look exaggerated. Use this trick to make your subject look powerful, or to create fantastical pictures.

Photograph by @Mariel

Go Deep

Find lines in your neighborhood that disappear into the distance like a road, train tracks, or a row of buildings. See how following those lines create a sense of depth in your image as if you’re looking down a long tunnel. Once you know this trick, you’ll see it in all kinds of art. It’s called linear perspective.

Photograph by @Mariel

Crop Your Image